Panevezys City Elena Mezginaite Public Library

Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library is an innovative, modern, environmentally friendly institution that provides equal opportunities for all users to conveniently use universal information resources to meet cultural, recreational, self-education, and lifelong learning needs. The library is open to all Lithuanian and foreign citizens.

Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library is one of the youngest libraries in the country – it was founded on January 16, 1989. Currently, the Public Library has three reader service departments – the Book Lending Department, the Information Department, Children’s Literature Department, and six branch libraries: two children’s libraries, three libraries serving children and adults, and one library for adult readers.

The public library is not only information, cultural and educational institution but also a social institution. Traditional activities of city libraries – information, promotion of reading, organization of events are organically connected with other activities. The library is a great place to get involved in educational activities, expand cultural horizons, develop creativity, artistic and intellectual skills. Library staff organizes children’s summer activities camps and clubs according to hobbies (seniors, handicrafts, robotics for families, parents with children under 3 years, children’s employment), organizes educations, computer literacy training, and implements various health projects together with the community. Readers have access to the Internet, including Wi-Fi, in all branches of the public library. In addition to traditional services, digitization of photos and photo tapes, 3D printing, and electronic services are provided: document reservation, the extension of books, use of electronic catalog and databases, book orders via book lending machine, etc. The pandemic also adjusted the activities of libraries. Some of the services have been moved to virtual space: events, computer literacy training, various educational activities for children on the YouTube channel and the Zoom platform.


DIRECTOR Loreta Breskienė
phone/fax. + 370 45 582781
Address: Topoliu 12, LT-35169, Panevezys

DEPUTY DIRECTOR Leokadija Vaitiekaitienė
tel. + 370 45 582781


Lending and Information departament
Kniaudiskiu st. 34, 37115 Panevezys
tel. 8 45 420379

Children‘s literature departament Žalioji pelėda
Kniaudiskiu st. 38, 37116 Panevezys
tel. 8 45 420200


Parko library
Parko st. 37, Panevezys
tel. 8 45 441740

Library Židinys
Nemuno st. 76, Panevezys
tel. 8 45 461567

Smėlynės library
Smelynes st. 49, Panevezys
tel. 8 45 460587

Šiaurinė library 
Pusaloto st. 55, Panevezys
tel. 8 45 463957

Library Šaltinėlis
Respublikos g. 26/2, Panevezys
tel. 8 45 439431

Library Žiburėlis
Parko st. 49, Panevezys
tel. 8 45 526873